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Environmental monitoring
. Temperature, pressure, humidity
. Atmospheric gas sensors
. NDIR & Zero Drift
. Remote off-grid locations
. BMS Integration
Indoor Air Quality is of critical concern in regard to enclosed structures, both residential and commercial.
A primary wellness factor is the concentration of Carbon Dioxide present in the indoor environment.
The effectiveness of any building to maintain a good indoor air quality ( IAQ ) is determined by both the decisions taken at the design stage & the proper execution and maintenance of the mechanisms that control air flow.

Control and telemetry data can be stored, processed and accessed in real time via our cloud based systems, whatever your requirements and location.
Our cloud systems have the advantage of reducing commissioning and deployment times, saving you time and money.

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Automated Solutions offer a range of environmental & air quality monitors

Why us?
. cost effective
. easy to configure
. cloud connected via wifi/3G
. easy to install

2 Sensors
sensors for OEM equipment and those looking to manufacture high quality air quality monitors. Browse the range in our online shop.

Monitors/data loggers
CO2, Temperature and Humidity monitors, designed and built by our engineers to offer an extra level of convenience through remote logging over wifi or 3G as well as local logging onto a standard usb flash drive. 
Our monitors include features such as remote calibration and wifi configuration via web interface or free iOS App.
We offer data collection services, through our UK based cloud server. Data can be instantly routed to your DropBox account.